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Helping You Find the Right People for the Job

Who We Are

T.R.Fields & Associates, Inc (TRF) is an employment screening company in Akron, Ohio. We do criminal checks, as well as drug, alcohol, and DNA tests, in Northeast Ohio. Our clientele consists of people in the health care, manufacturing, and legal industries.

TRF has been serving Ohio since 1986, and it is owned by Thomas R. Fields, the president. For more than two decades, TRF has been serving the needs of the legal, business, and private sectors. 

Mr. Fields has also spent several years in the criminal justice arena as a criminal defense team investigator. He has investigated many of the area’s highest profile cases. The quality of Mr. Fields’ investigative skills has won him numerous accolades in Ohio’s legal community.

At TRF, your right to know the truth is what drives us to uncover the facts behind every situation we encounter. We understand what it feels like to deal with life’s unanswered questions day after day, and we are dedicated to making the investigative process as easy as possible for you.

List of Services

    • Divorce Investigations
    • Child Custody Investigations
    • Private Investigations
    • Employment Dispute Resolution (*Hotline Available*)
    • Civil Investigations
    • Criminal Investigations
    • Fingerprinting (BCI/FBI) – Mobile Unit Available
    • Rolled Ink Cards
    • Surveillance
    • Workers Comp
      • Skip Tracing
      • Employment Verification
      • Identity Verification
      • Catch Cheaters
      • GPS Surveillance
      • Debug-Home/Office
      • Computer Forensics
      • Paralegal Service
      • Subpoena/Process Service
      • Notary Public – Mobile Unit Available

“Providing Professional Investigations to a World in Doubt”

Contact us today: 330-253-1288 or 1-877-836-1288 (Toll-Free)

*An investigator is always available: 330-431-1899

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